1/35 Scale Swedish Narrow Gauge Modelling

In 1854 the Swedish Parliament approved a plan which gave way for the development of the Swedish rail network.  The national main lines were to be funded by the state, with local lines being privately funded with financial support from government, local municipalities or county councils.  These local lines accounted for 25% of the Swedish national rail network, with the majority of the lines operating 600mm, 891mm (3’0”) and 1067mm gauges.

Over 100 narrow gauge railways are known to have existed, some of which later merged with other narrow gauge lines; others survived and were subsequently taken into state ownership upon the formation of the Swedish national railway -“Statens Järnvägar” or “SJ”.

By the 1950s there remained some 1,750 miles of 891mm railway operating a mixture of Steam, Diesel Locomotives and Railcars.

This site will record the development of an unusual railway modelling project.  It will provide information, demonstrate and archive the progress of a finescale 1/35 scale project modeling the Swedish 891mm railway system.  Unlike typical blogs, it will not record progress stage by stage, but mearly a means to report completed models and articles.

All information contained in the “Resource” section has not been produced by, nor claimed to be owned by the individuals involved in this project.  The information has been sourced from the public domain and are re-published here for reference only.


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